You don’t have to say goodbye to the carefree summer holiday feeling

See you in September, October…

We have already written to you why it is important to take a rest seriously . But, for how long it is important to rest? And when?

Most of you probably carefully “save” the holidays for the summer days in July and August (because the days are longer than the nights), but have you thought about how you can achieve more benefits in the off-season. Summer may not be over yet (and there’s a term for it – Indian summer) and vacation time is definitely not.

And while there are still doubts in psychologists’ discussions, whether it is better that vacation lasts two weeks or three – one thing is sure. The more rest we have throughout the year, the greater are the benefits for our physical and mental health. Even well-known psychiatrist Gruden claims that a few shorter vacations throughout the year enable better battery charging and greater efficiency at work. One British study went a step further and claims that for a better focus on work and avoiding the breakdown, it is best to go on a shorter vacation every two to three months. And the new movement popular among millennials, the so-called micro-cation, is a type of vacation that you can enjoy all year round, even in the post season.

Just imagine late summer or early autumn in untouched nature, just what Camping Plitvice has in offer indefinitely. The National Park of Plitvice Lakes is only 3 km away from the camp and it is known for all four seasons that are equally fascinating.

If we haven’t convinced you yet that you don’t have to say goodbye to the carefree summer holiday feeling in September (even in October…), here are five more reasons:

1. Fewer crowds also mean less stress.

No waiting in line, no crowds in restaurants or in traffic as you drive to your desired destination. You have a beach or picnic area just for yourself (or share it with just a few others). The bathing season is not over yet, not even in Camping Plitvice. We have two pools next to the terrace of the restaurant where you can enjoy while eating breakfast or drinking afternoon coffee while reading newspapers.

2. Greater choice of services and products (because there is no crowd).

Not only the availability of content and the offer of services and products is much greater, but you have also a greater choice of locations to visit. So you can also have a more relaxed planning.

3. Off-season prices are much cheaper.

Not only do you save money if you come on vacation in September, but you can get more for the same amount of money. In that period the cost of transport tickets is lower, the food offer is more favourable and many accommodations are cheaper by 20%. In Camping Plitivice you will get even 40 to 50% discount on accommodation facilities.

4. Temperatures are more comfortable.

Due to the extended summer days in September and even October, you will be able to enjoy the real summer during the day, while spending the mornings and evenings like it is the autumn day. We would like to add just one more important little thing – there are no more mosquitoes and other insects.

5. You keep your enthusiasm at a high level.

You are surely avoiding the stress or depression that occurs when returning from vacation because you are actually (just) going on vacation or are constantly looking forward to the upcoming ones because of more frequent vacations. Therefore, it is also possible to maintain high productivity at work.

We could say that in fact all the benefits of the holiday in September (or post season) have a lot in common with the philosophy of the so-called Slow traveling movement about which we have already written.

If you decide to spend your vacation in Camping Plitvice, these are additional bonuses that await you:

  • the strategic position in central Croatia makes this place ideal for a weekend getaway equally to those coming from Zagreb (or northern Croatia) and those coming from coastal areas;
  • nature that heals and fills with energy;
  • polygons for outdoor sports activities in which you can easily maintain the necessary distance and at the same time enjoy exercising or acquire a positive habit to keep after the holidays;
  • accommodation in two-room mobile homes with 5 stars, so you actually have the possibility of additional space for yourself, if you decide for the model of work “from home” or “online school” (with free use of high-speed internet and TV);
  • indigenous ethno-gastronomic delight and 5-star meals delivered to your cottage;
  • walking in nature or awakening the adventurous spirit (horseback riding, paragliding, canoeing in the valley of the River of Gacka or quads through the Plitvice Valley and much more);
  • no worries for children and pets while playing due to the proximity of children’s playgrounds and the pets-free zone (you’ll have them constantly in sight);
  • high measures of disinfection and hygiene for preserving your and our health.

Just imagine that the holidays start in September? Oh yes, it is very possible!