We reveal the secret of the air’s healing properties in our Plitvice Lakes’ area

Bad versus good air

We probably shouldn’t overemphasize the poorer air quality in cities and indoors, because everyone already knows that. You’ve also probably heard of the “syndrome of sick buildings“. Poor ventilation system, reinforced concrete building material, air conditioners, radiators and radiation of electronics that we are surrounded by contribute to a constant decrease in immunity and mood. The air in these places is polluted, dry and filled with positive ions (they do not have a positive effect on us). Combine these with many allergens in the air and improper shallow (chest) breathing due to an accelerated (and stressful) lifestyle. Therefore, we shouldn’t be surprised that anxiety, neurosis, poor concentration, headaches, insomnia and respiratory problems are increasing these days.

Quality of air is very important for a quality of life. And for the good rest. Forest, mountains, parks, meadows, sea … at all these places we feel better, happier, carefree and more relaxed. We believe that we shouldn’t overemphasize even in this case that the air has a better quality at these places… and below find out why it is so.

What is the secret of the air’s healing properties?

Did you know that while spending time in the forest (nature), we are actually spending time in its natural immune system? The Japanese term Shinrin Yoku or forest bathing is a method about which we have written before. Namely, plants and trees secrete phytoncides – essential oils that are real antibiotic which protect them from bacteria, fungi and other harmful microbes. Yes, even trees do not like harmful microorganisms. Phytoncides enable the T-lymphocytes (killer cells) increase in our body which can slow down or even block the growth of cancerous cells, thus improving our natural immunity.

Additionally, the air is especially charged with negative ions (yes, they have a positive effect on us) in nature rich with trees and vegetation or near lakes and waterfalls (the description corresponds to our location at the Camping Plitivice). The secret of this air’s healing properties is that negative ions bind 10 to 80 molecules of ions’ oxygen to themselves, which can be effectively absorbed into the blood through the lungs’ alveoli. Negative ions also bind various bacteria, viruses and fungi in the air, thus when combined, they fall to the ground due to their weight. Therefore, negative ions effectively clean the air, help detoxify the blood and tissues in our body. They are allies against harmful free radicals and balance the level of serotonin (happiness hormone). It is no wonder that they are called air vitamins.

Besides this, the air in these areas is additionally charged with chemical trace elements that are essential for the reactions in our body that are necessary for life. Furthermore, the forest air is rich in terpenes, especially in areas where cypress, fir and pine grow. For example, borneol is a terpene that protects our brain and nerves and helps against degenerative brain diseases.

The benefits of the air’s healing properties

Aerotherapy talks about all these benefits of healing air that certain locations have and the treatment with it. The Camping Plitvice is located in the municipality of Plitvice Lakes, surrounded by mountainous wooded areas (beech, hornbeam, fir) and on the border of marine, continental and mountain climate and vegetation. Imagine then just how rich the air is in this area, with all the mentioned components.

By staying in our camp, you can experience many benefits such as improvement of respiratory problems, reduction of allergies and inflammation in joints and muscles, stress and skin problems, regulation of blood pressure and heart attack risk, hormonal balance (especially thyroid glands) and strengthening vitality and immunity (white blood cell production is increasing).

The concentration of negative ions in natural wooded areas, near lakes or waterfalls can reach even 5,000 negative ions per cm3. When we compare this with the fact that there are approximately a hundred of them in the living units, only 50 in the business units, and the human body needs 1,000 negative ions per cm3 for normal functioning – we think that the numbers say all. And best of all – the air is free and available to everyone!

Inhalation of bee products and breathing exercises come as an added bonus

Apitherapy is a method of treatment with bee products and one of the way is by inhalation. Inhaling the air from the beehive including propolis microparticle (another natural antibiotic), pollen, royal jelly (an excellent source of collagen) and honey (antiviral, anticancer properties) improves the complete function of the respiratory system, reduces allergies and exhaustion.

Although this kind of therapy is rare to find in Croatia, we have the Honey Inhalation therapy in our Camping Plitvice.

By doing correct breathing techniques (pranayamas) that include abdominal breathing with abdomen and diaphragm (also recommended for crisis situations such as coronavirus , you can increase lung capacity and straighten incorrect shallow (chest) breathing to take enough oxygen into the body. By doing pranayama and meditation under a tree, additional healing effects are stimulated.

How long and how often should you spend time in nature?

A two-hour in the woods will provide the afore-mentioned benefits that can last for a week or a few weeks. Therefore, it would be ideal to take a walk or spend some time in nature twice a month. For a longer stay and to achieve the maximum benefits, you can book accommodation in our Camping Plitvice – a natural environment rich in healing air. Psst … just turn off your cell phone (or at least silence the sound), get rid of the electronics for a few hours and you’ll be better immersed in this world of nature’s wealth and the source of vitality.