We celebrate love by celebrating beauty and wonders of nature

Every day we witness many wonders and beauties of nature. Flowers are one of them. Nature creates for us images of immeasurable beauty. In the month of love in which we celebrate self-love, and love for mom, our partner and friend or any other love, in the Camping Plitvice we also celebrate love for nature and flowers. Giving flowers to someone is the best way to show love and tenderness.

Hanakatob is the Japanese art of communicating with deeper meaning by using flowers. It is rooted in a Buddhist ideology in which the attention is given to small but essential things in life. By giving a certain flower of certain colour, height and form, we send a certain message (of purity, passion and even hatred). Due to the flowers’ evanescence and its fragility, the very act of giving can symbolize the fragile relationships that we need to cherish because of its transitory nature.

By sending gardenias we are sending secret love, with yellow camellias – longing and if we receive the bouquet of tulips in response, it means that love is one-sided (unfortunately), orange lilies mean hatred, while red roses express love and beautiful feelings. The cherry blossom branch represents a symbol of gentleness and transience. The white lotus growing in the mud represents purity, perfection and spirituality. Violets represent sincerity and dedication, so the message sent by them is truly meant.

However, there is another lover’s plant, which you can also find in the National Park of Plitvice Lake , close to our Camping Plitvice. There are even 60 species in the park out of 150 known in Croatia and 30,000 in the world. Elegant just like a rose and exotic like a lotus, the orchid is the queen of flowers and a symbol of love, romance and beauty. The famous vanilla is for example one of the types of orchid, also known for its expansiveness. The reason for this is that its flower blooms once a year in a very short period of time and with a short possibility of pollination, and then after 9 months of fruit ripening it turns into a been (known in culinary).

Since orchids come in a pot, by giving them to someone you also send an environmental message of awareness. Rather give flowers in a pot than cut them with short life. This also sends a certain message. If we also know that plants produce more oxygen than they use it (and absorb carbon dioxide), we should know that orchids do not need as much sunlight in order to produce valuable oxygen through photosynthesis. It is, therefore, good to put it in the bedroom as it enables good airflow while you sleep.

Orchids are not that difficult to grow. This is confirmed by the fact of its wide prevalence from Southeast Asia, America to Australia, as well as that there are many species, sizes (the largest orchid known as “tiger” has a height of 3 m and 10,000 flowers) and ways of growth (it can grow on trees, cracked branches, above or at ground level). Although its most suitable temperature is between 10 and 30 °C, it has been found even in the Andean region (which are covered with snow at night and bathed in the morning sun). The orchid is also considered a powerful aphrodisiac (more precisely, its tubers).

As the root is the most important part of the orchid, it is maintained by immersing the whole plant in water (rainwater or stagnant) for 30 minutes, after which it should be well dried. It is necessary to allow the root enough airiness, so the jar in which you keep the orchid should have holes. Since the leaves also love moisture, you can spray them.

We don’t celebrate love only for one day, but all year long. If you wished that Valentine’s Day does not last only one day, we can make it possible for you with a romantic gateway in our Camping Plitvice, whenever you want.

Since orchids bloom from March to November, we suggest that you visit the National park of Plitvice Lakes as soon as spring knocks on the door and enjoy their beauties while visiting our camp surrounded by many nature’s wonders and its biodiversity and book accommodation in our luxury mobile homes for a complete romantic atmosphere.

What life would be without love, nature or flowers!