Therefore, we have prepared for you a Mini Guide to camping – Part 1

Camping basics

While June in Croatia usually marks the beginning of summer outdoor gatherings, from concerts to festivals, in America it is even celebrated as a whole month of camping and outdoor activities. A great way or we can say an excuse, as if we need it at all for something like that, to spend more time in nature. Reconnecting with nature and finding that desired inner peace in this modern hectic time, which can be so easily found in nature, allows you to reconnect with yourself. This healthy lifestyle is great of course for children and their learning about the environment and the importance of being and playing outdoor.

There is a camper’s saying: “Pack life with good memories“, hence start packing one memory after another this summer.

Almost 90% of camps in Croatia are located along our beautiful coast, by the sea or on beautiful beaches, while the rest is located along equally beautiful natural destinations, surrounded with greenery and lakes. Our Camping Plitvice also falls into this category.

In addition, the fact that around 60 million Europeans spend their holidays camping only confirms that camping is no longer associated with a limited budget and as a “simple” holiday. There are various possibilities offered if you want the comfort of accommodation, from camper or camp-houses plots, camping places for tents, while for those who want more luxury there are a 5 stars mobile homes with a terrace.

Therefore, the first thing to do before planning a camping trip is to think about the destination and the type of camping. The Croatian law regulation related to camping requires that you must never camp in an unmarked place, such as beaches, mountains or woods, but in a properly marked place (in the camp plot). Second, before arriving at most camp sites, it is necessary to make a plot pre-reservation. You can find the offer and a map of plots in the Camping Plitvice here.

Third, before arriving at the destination, find out at  what time you can check-in, as well as other campsite house rules, and be sure to come in a broad daylight so that you can take your plot and set up camping equipment in a relaxing manner. One of the many advantages of the Camping Plitvice is that we are open 24 hours a day. Of course, as part of the house rules, showing consideration toward your neighbors is also important, so usually in all campsites, loud noise is forbidden during the night as well an open fire during the summer period due to the danger of fire. For more info about the house rules please check our web page.

The campsites offer a lot of free and interesting facilities, which also enable you to more easily organize activities during your holidays. In the Camping Plitvice, you can find a free WiFi access for all accommodation units, access to the toilets, equipped sports playgrounds, fitness zone, large and small pool, playroom for the children, and also zone for your pets which we have not forgotten as well as the zone for servicing the camper cars, among many other benefits.

Now that we have introduced you to the basics of planning your first camping trip or one of many, in the next article we will write about the 10 most important things that every camper must have. As it is believed that there is love at first sight, we could also say that there is love at first camping. Many people fall in love with this type of active vacation at first because of great freedom in planning holiday time and locations to be visited. And of course, because of packing good memories (from the trip).