The beginning of the year is an ideal time to push the reset button

After a turbulent and somewhat unpleasant 2020, we stepped into a new year with positive wishes. It is the year into which we are introduced by positive energy of mutual support and help, which proved to be something good that came out of last year. The wisdom of living is and always has been finding calmness in the midst of chaos.

As experts recommend, for physical and mental health it is necessary to push the reset from time to time. You could certainly take advantage of this year transition and the standstill of the winter period to your benefit. We have already written to you how important it is to take rest seriously . Bring balance to your body, slow down the life’s pace, enjoy the fresh air and walk a lot, strengthening the lungs’ capacity with breathing techniques (that proved to be very important for our health), make plans for the new year, contemplate and meditate. It is not too late to make (or become aware of) beautiful New Year’s resolutions and evoke positive energy in this year.

It is not only desirable but also necessary to push the reset to empty and clean your mind set, raise personal energy level, increase tolerance to stress and tension. Return to nature is ideal for that. It is said that this is actually like coming back home. It offers four natural sanctuaries that best load us up – they are silence, calmness, retreat, and simplicity (in everything).

We recommend these RESET rituals:

1. SPA RITUALS: hot and aromatic baths and saunas will detoxify your whole body, raise your energy and spirit. Even a 10-minute anti-stress treatment of warm foot bath with fragrant salts and a few drops of essential oils will produce the same effect. Be sure to give it a try! You surely have 10 minutes to set aside.

2. DRY BODY BRUSHING is very effective in removing dead skin cells and rejuvenating our entire body. It removes even one kilogram of waste.

3. MASSAGE is always welcoming for relieving the nerves and relaxation, it stimulates circulation and energy flow, cleanses toxins and blockages.

4. HEALTHY EATING IS HALF OF HEALTH – is a well-known saying. Fresh vegetable juices, spices such as ginger, pepper, turmeric or horseradish will effectively renew our body from the inside and come as a kind of inside shower. If you start the day with half a squeezed lemon in a glass of lukewarm water, not only will you wake up feeling great, but it will enable cleansing of the digestive system.

5. YOGA is the discipline that best balances body, mind and spirit at the same time. One of the most popular exercises, such as “The Five Tibetans” or “Sun salutation” has such an effect. Only five to ten minutes of performing (yoga) exercises will bring many physical benefits and develop mind stability.

6. MEDITATION is a technique of consciousness’s self-development that is practiced for 15 minutes, but gives much more time in return. You can perform your daily duties much more efficiently with refreshed perceptions, better attention and focus. Scientifically proven it lowers the cortisol level while raise serotonin and as well it decrease fear, tension and anxiety.

7. SPENDING TIME IN NATURE will tune your frequency with the one from nature. Nothing calms the spirit as good as the pulse of nature! Walk for at least 30 minutes a day and at the same time do breathing exercises (deep breathing) and you will strengthen your lung capacity and enable a total oxygen supply to your cells. It will also level down (high) blood pressure, anger and fatigue and increase the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system. Strengthening your immunity by spending time in nature is one of the many benefits that you can achieve.

8. A HEALTHY SPIRIT IN A HEALTHY BODY is credited as well to the power of positive thinking!

Negative thoughts can lead to various disorders in the body (stomach acid is one of them). It is considered that 17 seconds of positive thinking is enough to create an uninterrupted loop of positive thoughts that connect to each other. Gratitude is certainly one of stimulus to the positive thoughts’ flow. Therefore, remember for what you are grateful today.

9. PLAN YOUR HOLIDAY AND TRAVEL IN 2021 and make reservations at the beginning of the year because holiday planning has as positive effect on our spirit as the holiday itself. The situation in which we find ourselves having to spend more time at home and in front of computers will be easier to bear when you know that a booked vacation is waiting for you soon.

The luxurious 5-star mobile homes are waiting for you in the Camping Plitvice, each with its own separate entrance and spacious terrace. Safety and hygiene have always been our top priority. To make your travel planning relaxed, we provide flexible booking options (this also applies to refund policy).

Let the beginning of the year be your positive start and the most beautiful period of the year.

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