If you are a DIGITAL NOMAD or feel like one…

Come to our 5-star camp on vacation and WORK in the rhythm of nature

Take your work to Camping Plitvice!

We will bring you the pulse of nature.

We are witnessing constant changes, technological progress, newer payment systems (non-cash or virtual money), digitalization of many areas of life, including work. Even before the Covid-19 situation, which gave some new insights into working from home i.e. remotely, a new wave of employed people who are no longer tied to a fixed workplace has been established. They are digital nomads and maybe you are one of them!

It is a digital way of working (online with clients) with the lifestyle that is no longer tied to one place. Hence, it is nomadic. It can still be in a place of residence, but it is very common that is anywhere in the world. Exploring, learning about new cultures, constant travel (however, there are no more costs and time wasted in traffic jams on the way to work), expanding horizons and mindsets, education, new experiences and a better quality of life are just some benefits of digital-nomadic lifestyle. Digital nomads are also part of the new wave of modern tourists, though they are primarily working people. Good working skills, discipline, organization of their time and work is definitely one of their qualities.

In America, a third of the workforce consist of freelancers (who are also digital nomads), while in Europe this way of work is more and more popularized with constant grow, even “third world” countries are not lagging behind. It is estimated that in 15 years digital nomads could form one-eighth of the world’s population. Zagreb – the Croatian capital is among the top 30 desirable nomadic destinations, followed by other Croatian cities. The positive sides of the Croatia’s offer are English as a second spoken language, good food, fast Internet, good connection with the rest of Europe, hospitality, pleasant climate (with four seasons), rich nature, good lifestyle by European standards, good health care and a safe environment for living.

Camping Plitvice, located in the heart of Lika region and in central Croatia, is a modern type of tourist offer as well as a work-friendly environment. It combines the charm of luxury accommodation in 5-star mobile homes and the tranquillity of the pulse of nature that you are surrounded by. So, take your work to us and we will bring you the pulse of natureIdeal for a digital-nomadic lifestyle!

The Lika region is in itself an attractive place being the natural border between Velebit (mountain) and the Adriatic Sea, where you can experience large mountain ranges, rivers, lakes and the proximity of the sea and also the presence of land, mountain and Mediterranean climate at the same time, visit the birthplace of Nikola Tesla and enjoy the richness of flora and fauna of national parks. Therefore, Lika is “very LIKEable Croatia“, as we like to say.

While staying at our place, you will get a temporary home and work space at very reasonable prices, and

– Accommodation in DELUXE and PREMIUM mobile homes with two bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms, kitchen and living room, and a spacious terrace with beautiful view;

High speed Internet and TV in each mobile house;

Top quality food that you can eat in the restaurant, by the pool or it can be delivered to your house;

Coworking space within the spacious conference hall with 45 seats;

– Possibility of rest and work for individuals and family as well, and for pets (we are pet friendly);

– Possibility to use two outdoor pools;

Outdoor exercising space: “outdoor gym”, basketball court, children’s playground and small amphitheatre;

Fresh air, clean and untouched nature that fills (especially after long hours work on the computer);

Electric bicycles available for riding and exploring the surroundings;

the National Park of Plitvice Lakes that are only 5 minute drive away;

Offer of adventure and fun: vicinity  of the adrenaline park (https://campingplitvice.hr/adrealinski-park-ogi-turisticki-centar-marko/?lang=en), trekking, zip-line, quad or kayak ride (on the River of Gacka) (https://campingplitvice.hr/velebit-aktivnosti/?lang=en), horse riding, archery, proximity to the Deer Valley and Barać’s Cave, guided mountain excursions with tastings of indigenous dishes ;

Comfort, safety and all hygiene measures with professional and friendly staff are at your disposal.

We guarantee you that by staying at our place, you will ESCAPE from the usual steady pace of life. You will be able to… Wonder. Wander. Repeat. And work remotely at the same time.

Book digital-nomadic accommodation during September and October in order to get more favourable conditions of our offer. Don’t think too long because there is a reward for the first 10 applicants with an additional discount and a welcome surprise gift.

Ready to rest and WORK in the rhythm of nature?

Yes, let’s go on an adventure!