Camping Plitvice is your safe holiday destination even this season

At this uncertain time, you can plan a vacation at our place completely worriless if you follow the Safe stay label of health safety protocol during pandemic. The national label Safe stay in Croatia means that Croatia is your safe destination. The Camping Plitvice has also received this label as a confirmation of safe destination.

Along with the Safe travellabel, you will be able to relax without worries and dedicate yourself to recharging your “batteries” by following these two labels wherever you travel in Croatia. So, our camp along with others which are a part of the industry chain such as hotels, restaurants, tourist boards, travel operators and many cultural institutions, is one of the providers of tourist services, namely, a place where you can feel safe.

Statistics show that we spend 90% of our time indoors, and this percentage has increased due to the pandemic. The average child spends about 6 hours a day in front of a computer screen, TV or mobile phone which is in many cases more time than the time spent with their parents.

Everybody already knows about the benefits of spending time outdoors and that nature is our biggest ally in achieving psychophysical health. Oxygen, forest microbiome, vitamin D, healing murmur sounds of the canopies, lakes and rivers strengthen our immunity, improve lung capacity, enable mental health, allow faster and easier stress release, relaxation at all levels and fill us with energy. In addition, active holiday encourages children to spend more time (playing) outdoors and enables increase of cognitive learning functions (by joint exploration of nature or geographical orientation with moss).

While you can completely relax, enjoy your vacation and explore local delicacies, the Camping Plitvice will make sure that you experience unforgettable beautiful moments this season as well. Whether you come alone, with family, children or pets (we are a pet friendly camp); on a longer vacation or weekend gateway; enjoying nature, adrenaline activities or gastronomic explorations; being a digital nomad that works while staying at a beautiful locations – you can find everything at our place. The pulse of nature in the Camping Plitvice never stops. It continues to pulsate and it invites you to new adventures this season as well.

What exactly does the label “Safe stay in Croatia” mean?

This label is a confirmation that the destination or location in Croatia adheres to all protocol and epidemiological measures for your safety. It is also the name of a national project initiated by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the Croatian Tourist Board.

What does the “Safe stay in Croatia” label for camps include?

– Information on epidemiological measures placed in a visible position within the camp;

– The obligation of maintaining physical distance in enclosed common areas as well as outdoors;

– Hand sanitizers and body meters in common areas;

– Regular disinfection of premises, work surfaces (restaurants), sanitary facilities;

– The obligation of wearing protective masks in common areas, while restaurant’s employees must wear protective gloves as well;

– Disinfection of mobile homes, beddings and towels after each change of guests;

– Provided Safety Kit at the request of the guest (includes protective mask, gloves, disinfectant);

Room service at the request of the guest (food delivery to the accommodation unit) at a time when the restaurant is open (the service is additionally charged 10 Euros);

– The possibility of ordering Breakfast box directly to the accommodation unit at the request. The promotional price is 6.5 Euros during the time from 1.3. till 1.5.2021 (while regular price is 14 Euros)

– A limited number of people allowed in the swimming pool at the same time (at a time when the pool is open) and obligation of taking a shower (through the disinfection station) before entering the pool;

More information on security measures can be found in the Safe travel document.

What exactly does the “Safe travel” label mean?

This label is a global certificate assigned by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WWTC) that indicates safe travel according to world standards of health and hygiene.

Additional measures that are provided for your safe stay:

In addition to the epidemiological measures imposed for your safe stay, the Camping Plitvice has the entire facility naturally isolated and surrounded by the pure nature. All luxury mobile homes have their own private entrance and spacious terrace which allows complete intimacy for every guest. In addition, most of the standard offers and activities are held outdoors (including the gym).

Standard offer of activities and contents of the Camping Plitvice:

When booking accommodation, you can also request the activities offer so you can plan your worriless and fulfilling vacation in advance. These are free facilities that are at your disposal: playroom, amphitheatre, basketball, badminton or handball court and outdoor gym. You have other possibilities for an additional fee such as renting electric bikes, various packages of adrenaline activities or horseback riding, a visit to the Plitvice Lakes National Park just 3 km from the camp or other attractions such as the “Deer Valley” ranch, the Barać Caves, etc.

New services and activities in the Camping Plitvice:

Every year we expand our offer and cooperation with external partners in order to provide you with rich programs of enjoying the beauties of nature and the surroundings. This offer includes: mountain excursions with tastings of autochthonous dishes (https://campingplitvice.hr/plitvice-bikebed/?lang=en), visits to the “Runolist” cheese factory or lavender fields of local family farms; honey inhalation treatment (apitherapy), meditation course and many others.

Information on working hours of the Camping Plitvice:

– All luxury DELUXE and PREMIUM mobile homes of modern design with 5 stars, all camping pitches and places for tents are at your disposal throughout the year;

The restaurant and pool are planned to be open for the public from the 1st of May depending on the current epidemiological measures at that time. Restaurant opening hours are from 7 am to 11 pm every day;

FIRST MINUTE reservation of accommodation that includes a 25 % discount can only be made if you book it till the 1st of May for accommodation between 1.5. do 31.12.2021. Take the benefit of it right now and book your accommodation!

And that’s not all!

In addition to all the above-mentioned measures and protocols for your safe and carefree vacation, you are safe in one more thing. The possibility of flexibility when booking accommodation in our Camping Plitvice allows you to change the arrival date in case of any extraordinary epidemiological changes.

The pandemic has imposed a trend of slower travel, so a longer quality stay in one place is a desirable type of safe vacation along with increasingly growing trend of green tourism.


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