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Camping Plitvice

Camping Plitvice is located next to the Plitvice Lakes National Park. The oldest and the most famous Croatian national park included in the UNESCO world heritage list. Recently refurbished, Camping Plitvice offers high-quality accommodation. You can choose between fully equipped camping pitches and mobile houses, enjoy outdoor pool for children and adults, and the opportunity to try local gastronomy in the Plitvice Restaurant within the camp.

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At Camping Plitvice, you can find high quality accommodation on equipped and numerated CONFORT camping pitches or new fully equipped mobile homes.

Campig Plitvice


Within the camp you will find a restaurant serving a wide selection of local food and beverages.
Enjoying original delicacies and great selection of Croatian wines will make the camping experience unforgettable.

Campig Plitvice


Experience unforgettable adventures filled with wonderful memories of our unique destination provided to you by our partners with various facilities. Services are booked and are additionally charged at the front desk.


Experience an unforgettable experience by paragliding over our beautiful destination.

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Cycling and hiking trips in untouched nature, accompanied by expert guides and irresistible tastings, flavours and aromas of local delicacies such as home-made honey, cheese, fruit and freshly prepared beverages from local producers, are the perfect form of avoiding crowds and creating the most memorable authentic experiences.

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On the beautiful Gacka River, find a variety of activities designed for your enjoyment.
From the quad adventure, kayaking, rodeo bull, cycling to birdwatching.
Transparent kayaks give you the unique experience of peeking into the depths of the Gacka River.

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Choose the adventure that suits you and your friends because rafting cannot be described, it must be experienced. Be a part of #UNAdventure.
If you would like to add to your active vacation after adrenaline rafting, take part in tourist tours of the “Land of Waterfall” in National park Una.

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A safari ride through the dense forests of the Plitvice Valleys, karst terrain and above the canyon of the river Korana will provide you with unforgettable experiences during your vacation.

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If you have ever dreamed of flying through beautiful nature, while below you are a tempting river that you just want to descend into, you can make your dreams come true in the Plitvice Lakes Adrenaline Park, located on the edge of the Plitvice Lakes National Park.

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So close and yet far enough that you can experience the pristine nature with all your senses! Guided tours are available throughout the day, and our expert guides will be happy to introduce you to all the secrets of the karst underground. After visiting the caves, relax at our idyllic resort that offers many facilities, from activities for children and adults, to a real green oasis of peace by the spring and the stream Baraćevac.

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Reliable horses, experienced guides, and always good-natured hosts await you at the Equus igni ranch

On the backs of our horses, experience the beauties of nature of the Plitvice Valleys. Enjoy the silence and fresh air riding through forests, meadows and mountain trails.

The offers are adapted to the age and riding experience: walks for beginners, riding for up to several hours, half-day and day trips.

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Ukoliko se želite osloboditi mapa i navigacija kako bi ste bezbrižno upoznali i pregledali Plitvička Jezera.

Nudimo vam turu s vrhunskim vodičem po Plitvičkim Jezerima.

Udisanjem zraka direktno iz košnica dobivamo višestruku korist za svoj organizam. Pored gimnastike disanja udišemo korisne čestice matične mliječi, peluda, propolisa i meda. Korištenjem cvjetnog meda podižemo i održavamo imunitet.

CARRIAGE RIDE (Smoljanac 67, Smoljanac 53231 Plitvička Jezera, +385 (0)53 652 484)

Let us take you on an unforgettable adventure through nature and evoke the beauty and peculiarities of this area.
Our faithful horses will combine the fairy tale of a modernly equipped carriage and the famous wagonette of the Wild West.
The carriage is equipped with a table with drinking slots.
Play music on the BT speaker or enjoy the sounds of nature.


While sailing on a faithful replica of a wooden boat from the 18th century, our boatmen will introduce you to the story and history of boating, the history of Pokuplje, sunken ships and ancient ships, stories about Karlovac mermaids, the richness of flora and fauna. Children will enjoy sailing and their interpretation, fill in worksheets, tie knots and squeeze the ship’s siren. . The trip of the excursionist is accompanied by a number of animals such as the beautiful waterfowl, the bald eagle, wild ducks, herons, cormorants, and sometimes the occasional otter or beaver.
Today, Kupa invites you to meet her, to feel her strength and power. It invites you to hear the sound of her silence, her nature and temper.

Drive with style to Plitvice Lakes!

We offer you a carefree and pleasant ride with a professional driver who will be at your disposal for everything you need. Traveling to the unique Plitvice waterfalls, enjoy the beautiful landscapes in the comfort of a limousine or a luxury van.
Forget the stress … and immerse yourself in a relaxed weekend! Of course, WiFi internet is available to keep you available in vehicles anyway.
Dream vacation is just a few mouse clicks away. Choose between the top Mercedes S class, the refined Mercedes E class, the elegant Mercedes V class van and many others.
Whether you come from Zagreb, Zadar, Split, Rijeka or Dubrovnik, just choose your favorite car, let us know the place of departure – and the adventure begins!


In November 2019, the wider area of Grabovača was declared permanently protected in the category SIGNIFICANT LANDSCAPE. In the area of significant landscape, great geodiversity was recorded, and in a small area all those features that make Lika a special Croatian region and a special region of the Dinarides karst were collected (Buzjak, Bočić and Pahernih, 2013). A special place is occupied by speleological objects whose research lasts almost 180 years. Also a special feature of this area are the Velebit breccias, which are a unique phenomenon in the world in terms of lithological composition, geological position and geographical location.

Karlovac freshwater aquarium is located on the right bank of the river Korana. The building is buried and filled with earthen embankments on the outside. The inspiration for the design is the historic core of the city: the Karlovac star surrounded by “ramparts”, defensive earthen embankments. Around the square, without disturbing the natural appearance of the Korana valley, the contents of the aquarium are hidden. The exhibition of the aquarium is a presentation of the flora and fauna of Croatian rivers and their ecosystems, geological past and traditional culture and history of the basin of the four Karlovac rivers. The exhibition shows the course of the karst river – river flora, fauna and its biodiversity.

At the end point of the exhibition, there is a staircase and an elevator that take visitors back to the entrance area via a souvenir shop. In the center of the building there is a space for the analysis of technological parameters of water with a scientific research center and a room for acclimatization of fish.


The Rolla electric scooter is safe, but also daring, and the combination with the Rolla app as your personal travel guide enables an unforgettable adventure that you will talk about for a long time to come. Rolla is a package consisting of an electric scooter, charging station and associated mobile application, designed and manufactured in Croatia thanks to a strong team of young professionals.

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Camping Plitvice


Camping Plitvice

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